2017 Seminars

We're excited to have a strong line up of teaching seminars to help you grow in your faith. 

Seminar 1

John Coles •  Seminar Room 1

Pressing on

Why do some followers of Jesus seem to keep growing and others seem to become stuck? I will be looking at various ways of ensuring we remain life-long learners and disciples, knowing the joy of being both a child of our heavenly Father and a servant of the King.

Anne Coles •  Seminar Room 2

Finding your voice

(Please note: this seminar is for women only)

For too long women have been relegated to the side-lines of human activity in terms of leadership and speaking out. Now all that is changing but what sort of voice do we have? When we are born again into the Kingdom of God we each inherit a unique and prophetic voice, what does that look like? How do we find freedom to be ourselves using the voice God has given us?

Steve Tebb •  Seminar Room 3

The power of worship

Worship is what we were created for. It is a part of our call as children of God to declare the praises of God. I’ll be looking at worship as one of the means by which God releases the kingdom, and worship as a weapon of warfare that has the ability to see breakthrough and freedom in a person’s life as well as impacting a region.

Phil Warren •  Seminar Room 4

Seeking the lost with the heart of the Father

We all recognise that the world needs saving and so many people are lost, even those on our doorstep. So often the church gets caught up in programmes of evangelism, and loses sight of who we are in Christ, and the heart of the Father for each person. This seminar will give four practical keys in a theological framework as to what it is to have the heart of our Heavenly Father when it comes to ’seeking and saving the lost’.

Kevin Houiellebecq •  Seminar Room 5

Discovering the seeds of God's glory

We pray, we anticipate and we believe for the revealing and outpouring of God’s glory. But is there anything else we can do in order to see the glory of God displayed in this Island? Kevin Houiellebecq from Freedom For Life Ministries wants to lead you on a fascinating journey to discover how Jesus and the Lorax (Dr Suess) revealed how this can be fulfilled.

Nick Ferraby and Jack Newton •  Seminar Room 6

The golden question!

“So John, why are you a Christian?” That’s the question we have either been hoping for, for years or it’s the question we dread more than anything! What do we say? Where do we start? How can we sound normal and not be cringeworthy?! This seminar, in an entertaining format, using the “6 Windows into the Gospel” model, will take a look at how we can be prepared to share our story, God’s good news and how we can use everyday conversations to share the gospel.

Seminar 2

John Coles •  Seminar Room 1

Leadership for all

If ‘leadership is influence’ everyone is a leader. The question is whether we are exercising that well, and always leading people to Jesus. I will look at how leadership is not only about a given position of power or authority but of also about heart attitude, character, and intention.

Anne Coles •  Seminar Room 2

Finding God's work–rest rhythm

Finding a life-giving rhythm of work and rest is something that I believe God intended for every human being. We’ll look at what the Bible teaches about the glory of work and the nature of rest – and also experience something of the true rest that is the inheritance of God’s children.

Steve Tebb •  Seminar Room 3

Intimacy with God

Intimacy with God is one of the greatest blessings we’ve been given by the Father and has always been His desire for us. It is the fuel to a life of fruitfulness, fire and freedom in God. I’ll be looking at the call we have to be intimate with God, and the effect it has to transform our own lives and impact others around us.

Gregg Donaldson •  Seminar Room 4

Follow the life of the Apostle Paul from his salvation and through his ministry, and learn how God guided him, and how he listened to God’s voice. The story has several surprising lessons that will challenge the conventional wisdom on “hearing the voice of God”. We want to be able to say, with Paul, at the end of our lives, “I have fought the fight, I have run the race, I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness.”

Barry Appleby •  Seminar Room 5

For such a time as this!

Church mobilisation in the modern age has been proclaimed to be decreasing. But is it? In a time where the world wants everything to happen now, we can learn that God’s timing is in a league of its own, as His army is one that is complex in nature and design. Who is that army? You are, and He so desperately wants you to march! If you are interested, and you can find the room, come and join us for what will be a great journey of discovery into God’s best for His people and His church!

Cathy Morling •  Seminar Room 6

Bringing the Bible to life: a creative seminar inspired by the Bible Society’s mission

This seminar, led by actress and Bible Society Ambassador, Cathy Sara, will be experiential and allow us a short time to explore how we might bring the Bible to life as a group using just who we are and our God-given creativity (no creative experience required) and then a short insight in to how the Bible Society is bringing the Bible to life across 200 countries and closer to home in a variety of creative ways.