At New Wine, we take freewill offerings, shared between the work of New Wine Jersey and valuable projects taking place locally and overseas.

2018 Offering

This year we are excited to be about to give towards the following worthwhile projects:

The Bible House, Aleppo, Syria

The Bible House is run by George Andrea, who, along with his family, works in extraordinarily difficult and dangerous circumstances to support the church and community, especially through the trauma of war, loss and terrible suffering. George writes:

Thanks for praying on our behalf. We cannot tell you how much we appreciate people praying for us! We keep on praying for an end to this terrible war. There are still places of violence around both Aleppo and Damascus. Through our Trauma Healing Ministry we pray that God will be able to restore health to the often young people so very much traumatised. Right now we are holding yet another Trauma Healing Training Seminar with some thirty-five new trainees. Pray that each one will be used mightily in their work. Thanks for being there with us.

Freedom For Life Ministries, Jersey

Freedom For Life Ministries exists to help those who are struggling with issues related to addictions and criminality break free to a life of purpose, hope and freedom. 

By some people we have been negatively described as “promoters of religion”. We are in fact promoters of hope, life, freedom, purpose etc. We are able to do that because the love of Jesus compels us. The compassion of God is our motivation and foundation. We encourage people to make positive life choices. We come alongside those who are broken and fearful and offer hope, life and love that only God can give. We strongly believe that every person matters, no matter what their past has been, and that they, like everyone, has the potential to live life to the full. 

We work both in the prison and in the community. We help in various practical ways to enable positive resettlement after release from prison, as well as helping those who want to grow in faith have the opportunity to do so. We are not ashamed to be called God’s people, because without him there would be no hope, life or freedom.

Thank you for your support. It is greatly appreciated.

If you wish to give towards the offering taken at New Wine and are a tax payer, please complete a tax reclaim form so that we can claim the tax back. This increases the value and impact of your gift.